Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hand bouquet - Pastel Pink

Lilac Hydrangeas & Maria Pink Roses

(Initially she wanted lilac hydrangeas & Pink Eustome
but in the absence of Eustomas, we had replaced it with maria pink roses.)

P/S: Zie, you were so pretty on that day. Hope you like the flowers.

019-281 3689


Zie Rosli said...

Ohhhh Sher,

Thank you sooooo much.. I have no idea how to thank you enough.. U really saved our day.. I totally forgot to pick up the bouquet and it was less than an hour before majlis started.. Omg.. Was crying my heart out, and I already had my make up on :( And I was like thinking.. What wud a bride be without her bouquet.. U saved me, u saved us (him from having to hear me mumbling through the night)..

I suka sgt2 the bouquet Sher.. And most of all, the colour.. Just right for the theme :) Thanks so much again..

And sorry, I kelam kabut sgt, lupa nak ajak u datang kenduri.. Im so sorry.. Will definitely call u for our house warming soon ok..

Really dear, thank you.


SHER said...

thanks dear.....u were so pretty on that your dress, make & everything. Terharu sgt when u hugged me. U make my day too....

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