Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lanterns for Wedding Deco

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Paper lantern deco is so in trend now. We have it in various color. Colorful wedding anyone.

Selling price for the lantern;

14'' paper lantern RM8.00 (purple)

16'' paper lantern RM9.00 00

16'' polka dotts paper lantern RM9.50 (pink, tiffany)

14'' silk lantern RM10.00 (tiffany,hot pink)

(silk lantern is very durable and suitable for outdoor event)

Minimum order 10.

While stock last.

Contact us for more detail.

Sher 019-281 3689


Cindellyna Aja said...

saLAM...akak boleh x post the actual picture of the lantern?saya nk differentiate color dia...thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hai...stok still available x?plz reply asap...thanks...

Veronica Sitem said...

do u have green color?

hanani said...

Kakak chantek! Ade jual lg x? Sye nk beli purple colour!
please inform me asap. Tqvm