Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding at Tasik Titiwangsa

Last week, i helped out one of my customer, Puteri to coordinate her garden wedding in Tasik Titiwangsa. We did shop together for most of the decoration items for her wedding. From time to time, we do exchange ideas. I really love doing this.

My team & I, were there through out the day to ensure everything run smoothly. Alhamdulillah, the reception ended well & everyone, especially the bride & groom were extremely happy with the outcome.

Besides adding some touch on her pelamin, we did decorate the sampan for the first time. With candle lights, all I can say, the sampan looks so awesome & gorgeous for the couple.

Pelamin was design by the bride herself with the help of Din Bunga (backdrop)& Kak Mila (pentas). The final touch was done by me & my team.

Thanks to my team members for helping me on that day ; Ashiqa, Sara, Meen & Uncle Dawood. Special THANKS to my hubby(Syedz) & bro (Azlan) for dropping by after thier Super GT Drift event in Sepang.


esca said...

cantik betul decoration ni kak sher.. naik perahu so romantik...

AmyMizzunderstood said...

nice!!gud job sher!

hidden.wing said...

put was one lucky bride to have you on her big day......

bile i tgk ur deco, it always made me thinking you're the next razak..congrats nasz, put's wedding deco now my fave :D

will email pic yang u nak tu soon...tgh cari, my hard disk dah serabut hehe!

SHER said...

Esca: Thank you so much dear, something different naik perahu.

Amy : Thanks dear.

HW : My dear, thank you so much.... terharu nyer with your words. Alhamdulillah...& insya Allah more designs are coming up soon. Hope will help everyone to get some ideas on thier wedding day.

Pasal pix of wedding tiffany blue tue would appreciate if you can upload soon...coz the wedding is this weekend. Wish me luck dear..my 1st Tiffany blue with white flowers wedding. So excited !!!!

sueanne sunshine said...

sher - i wonder if you provide service coordinate weddings - just to make sure everything runs smoothly. basically everything dah ada - only to ensure no hiccups and to make the bride not to worry sick about everything bcuz i want to cherish the moment on my wedding day..?
if you do, please can you email me at sue_gyrl@hotmail.com for the quotation. event will be - nikah (31st december malam) and 1st January (malam).
if you can help, i would be very relieved.

Maya Puri Creations said...

was at Puteri's wedding :) ...nice looking ambiance !

Zie Rosli said...

Hi Sher..

My wedding is at the same place, if im not mistaken, its called Laman Tiba.. Dont really know where it is.. ;) On 12th June 2010.. As Sueanne, was wondering whether u do provide such service.. to run the wedding smoothly, see what's lacking and all those.. Cause I think everything is almost done.. (i think).. Can give me your views on this? Rates? ruzainirosli@gmail.com

Thanks a lot.. And really in love with your work ;)

Zie Rosli