Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tiffany blue Wedding

Salam & a very good day to all,

I guess some of my followers must me eagerly waiting for this entry to be posted. Tiffany Wedding is famous nowadays & its hard to find any pictures directly related to this theme.
After lots and lots of research, we have come out with this...enjoy the pictures.

Venue : Grand Ballroom, Klana Resort, Seremban
Time & Date : 8pm on 27th June 2009


(pix courtesy of Nurul Azlina)

(pix courtesy of Nurul Azlina)

(pix courtesy of Nurul Azlina)

The walkways(pix courtesy of Nurul Azlina)

Main table deco

VIP Table Deco

The services we had provided includes grand pelamin, 10 walkways, 10 candle stands, main table, 6 vip tables deco, arch, guest book, bunga manggar melur, bridal bouquet, flower girls bouquets, bunga pahar & tie back for 400 chairs with flowers on each chairs.

Besides being in-charge on the hall deco, we do coordinate the flow from rehersal to the actual event. Its a very tiring event, working for 17 hours non stop but alhamdulillah our client love the outcome & most of the guest attended praised us as well.

Thanks to Encik Kamaruddin & wife, Kamarul & Sazuan for hiring us to be part of your big day.

Thanks to Nurul Azlina & Suz for helping us with the flower arrangement.

SPECIAL THANKS all my crew members; My beloved Hubby (Syed Zahiruddin), Brother (Azlan), Uncle Dawood, Kak Aieda, Ashiqa, Natasya, Yasmine & Faiz for helping from start to finish. Appreciate all your hard work & hope we can work together again in the future.

For those who are interested, kindly email me at sher.design@yahoo.com or call me at 019-281 3689 for more details.

Hantaran from Rozana to Ikhwan

Theme colour : Peach & Ivory
Function date : 26th June 2009

For those who are interested, kindly call me at 019-281 3689 for more detail.

Hantaran from Ikhwan to Rozana

Theme colour : Purple & White
Function : 26th June 2009

For those who are interested, kindly call me at 019-281 3689 for more detail.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Safiah's Hantaran

Sireh Junjung

Jean Richard Watch

Ferrari Shoe from TODS

Shirt & Agner Wallet & Belt

Gorgeous Sampin

Ring holder

HUGO BOSS perfume

Patchi Choc

Baju Melayu

Something different about this hantaran, we did match some pearls with the blink2 flowers. Its awesome & unique. The theme colour was peach & white on black gothic dulang. Enjoy the pix!!

Wedding at Tasik Titiwangsa

Last week, i helped out one of my customer, Puteri to coordinate her garden wedding in Tasik Titiwangsa. We did shop together for most of the decoration items for her wedding. From time to time, we do exchange ideas. I really love doing this.

My team & I, were there through out the day to ensure everything run smoothly. Alhamdulillah, the reception ended well & everyone, especially the bride & groom were extremely happy with the outcome.

Besides adding some touch on her pelamin, we did decorate the sampan for the first time. With candle lights, all I can say, the sampan looks so awesome & gorgeous for the couple.

Pelamin was design by the bride herself with the help of Din Bunga (backdrop)& Kak Mila (pentas). The final touch was done by me & my team.

Thanks to my team members for helping me on that day ; Ashiqa, Sara, Meen & Uncle Dawood. Special THANKS to my hubby(Syedz) & bro (Azlan) for dropping by after thier Super GT Drift event in Sepang.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding | Safiah | TTDI

This mini pelamin was done for Wan Safiah from TTDI. All the arrangement was made by her & her mum (Puan Hasnah). I would like to thank Aunty Hasnah for hiring me & thank you so much for all your help & trust.

The theme colour was white & peach. This pelamin was done for her solemnisation ceremony.

Thanks to my hubby for helping me to fix this pelamin. For those who are interested, kindly call me at 019-281 3689 for more detail.

Engagement | Hantaran | Sha

Hantaran done for SHA's engagement using artificial flowers. Her theme colour purple pink with little bit of blue. Enjoy the pictures!!!