Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dewan Puspanita Kuala Lumpur

I have done quite a number of wedding at this particular hall and in fact my own wedding was held here.

Dewan puspanita KL situated at Jalan Hose, KL. its opposite Wisma Putra and behind Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka KL.

Sewa Dewan - RM5,000 (4 hours) & RM6,000 (8 hours) - but normally if your function will be held at nite, the whole day the hall will be blocked for you.

Number of pax - 600 (banquet hall)

Deposit for rental - RM1,500 (bank draft under name PUSPANITA)

LCD Projector (available on rental basis) - RM300

Red carpet (available on rental basis) - RM300

* sewa dewan includes :-
  • table and banquet chairs complete with table and chairs cover.
  • ribbon for chairs covers available in silver & gold
  • 1 VVIP room
  • 2 aircondition changing room
  • the hall will be available 4 hours before your function starts
  • aircond will be available 1 hour before your function starts
  • sufficient space for caterer to place their food and make all the necessary arrangement for the function.
Other additional information

* kakitangan / jabatan kerajaan - 5% off
* Ahli puspanita - 10% off
* Pesara Kerajaan - 15% off


Some of the pictures can be viewed at MAGICALSHOTS.COM website.


Anonymous said...

tq for the info..sungguh berguna!!
hope blh dpt info mcmni utk hall2 lain juga..hehehe

SHER said...

InsyaAllah, if i have the details, i will update accordingly.

Felly said...

sher, how bout the parking?is it convenient?hall rental inclusive of PA system n projector jugak ke?

Anonymous said...

updated la.. julai to oktober 2011 dewan puspanita ada ubahsuai.. banyak kemudahan yang akan menanti.. kalau booking melalui sher lagi bagus.. dia dah tau keadaan dewan dan dia juga merupakan wedding planner yang senang dibawa berunding dalam segala hal.. tq sher untuk maklumat u ni.. from wan puspanita