Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dewan Bukit Damansara

Last month i had visited this hall in bukit damansara with one of my future client (Aira Aziz).
My client will be having her wedding reception soon in this hall.

I will be posting the pictures soon (wait till labor day k).

Its a brand new hall and it seems to be a slightly bigger than Dewan Komuniti TTDI.

I have listed down some relevant information:-

Capacity : Approximately 700 pax (including upper deck)
Rate : RM800 for 8 hours (including aircond and sound system)
Stage : > 50 feet
Contact person : Encik Zaid (019-388 2079)

* Ample parking space
* Opposite Masjid Bukit Damansara
* The hall rate excluding table and chairs & covers (but they have their own panel)

the reception counter area at the front foyer
(suitable for cocktail table)

left side of the hall

right side of the hall

upper deck (can easily fit another 100 pax)

walkways to upper deck


Herrad said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

It is a dream world.


hidden.wing said...

rm800 for high ceiling hall? quite a good deal!

rental inclusive meja kerusi tak dear?

share contact cepat2 k, thnx!

SHER said...

The price is not including tables and chairs but they do have their own contacts which i think the price will be cheaper.

The best part is the hall PIC will do all the arrangement. U just have to tell them which layout you prefer.

The halls comes along with ample parking space.

Opposite Masjid bukit damansara. Very convenient if your guest wants to go for prayers.

amy said...

this is my wedding venue!thank u sher!!

Anonymous said...

woww.. sangat cantik dewan ni..
kena book early for wedding kan sher?
700 pax? itu sekali masuk kan?
then sewa rm800?

amy said...

sewa rm800 if u nk include carpet ke etc..u have to add on la..biasa la tu lalalalala

Anonymous said...

sy nak tny...
u ade sewakan mini stage x for exhibition?
dlm 15*15 kaki....

Anonymous said...

serious 800rat to 8jam???

jasmin said...

hi sher,
am wondering if they allow alcohol ?

jasmin said...

hi sher,
do u know if the allow alcohol?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the aircond system in this hall is very poor. Is that true? Anyone have experience in using this hall?

lala said...

oohh thinking to rent these hall for my wedding..somebody please it true?? bad if the air condition is not in a good condition..