Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming soon...Aira's Wedding

This wedding, it not like any other wedding yang i pernah buat. The concept of Aira wedding will be completely different and more of an western concept. Instead of having pelamin on the stage, we will create one beautiful backdrop at the reception area for picture taking session.

Bile buat pelamin chantek kat dewan, besides family members and close friends, ramai yang akan say bye2 kat pintu and terus balik. Bile nak ambil gambar with pengantin, mesti ber latar belakang kan something not very nice. So this time around, this couple didnt choose to have pelamin on the stage.

The wedding will be held at Bukit Damansara hall. I just cant wait decorate the entire place with beautiful flowers. Insya Allah, will upload the pictures soon.


AmyMizzunderstood said...

excitednya nk tengokkkkk!!pls upload la cepat2!

aMAZy EVE said...

hyethere...mak tnyer kalu flower ball mcm gmbr tu(eh flower ker tu eh)baper agak2 cost nyer yer?

aMAZy EVE said...

mak = nak..sory typo error di situ..

SHER said...

Cost depends on the size and the flower is called green button. (adik beradik daisy/pompom)