Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiffany Blue Gift

Here i would to share a type of door gift for a wedding. I got it from MIL friend's wedding at Nikko Hotel, last year. Very gorgeous looking and smells good. Its a gift made from soap.

Well, since this year, so many people, including me, had fallen in love with tiffany blue. So, I would like to share this to everyone.

small fillers with large rose

a bunch of tiny small flowers

Door Gift
Price : RM5 each (Qtty : > 1,000)

Bunga Pahar
Price : RM10 (Qtty : 100 pieces)

Bunga Merenjis
Price ranging from RM10 onwards


hidden.wing said...

wanting for more updates on tiffany theme :D

Anonymous said...

bole tak nak tanya, nak dapat warna dip tiffany tu campur kaler ape? ke mmg dah ader warna tu?